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Inside the factory series: Part 3. The rotational moulding process.

Watch the process from ordering, producing a mould, manufacturing the part and finishing.

Supporting the Dairy industry through Contract Moulding with Zeddy

Working closely alongside Zeddy to produce their large Calf feeder, Gyro's unique set of in-house capabilities meant that we could produce the number of very large robust units Zeddy needed, within tight tolerances to fit the very high-tech equipment that the finished assembly required. As a result, Gyro has an enduring (and very brightly coloured) connection to NZ's Dairy industry.

Inside the factory series: Part 2. Using mould in graphics to add impact and marketing value from the start

Watch our team as they train in applying Mould In Graphics to one of our contract moulding jobs. Strengthen your brand awareness with high impact mould in graphics.

But... you make plastic?!

Take a trip to Plastics Rehab - inform yourself about the benefits of plastic.

Proudly committed to protecting NZ's waterways from plastic contamination!

As a plastics manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility to minimise to the greatest extent our impact on the environment. That's why we recently took on the Operation Clean Sweep Pledge!

Contract Moulding with Zeddy

In late May, GYRO was contacted by recently rebranded company Zeddy (previously Calfsmart) who had an urgent requirement for their large automated calf feeder. It is great fun for Gyro to be involved in such innovation, and to have a hand in producing these fantastic "smart-farming" products.

Rotational Moulding: The Process

Rotational moulding, known also as rotomoulding or rotocasting, is a process for manufacturing hollow plastic products. Although there is competition from blow moulding, thermoforming, and injection moulding for the manufacture of such products, rotational moulding has particular advantages