Contract Moulding with Zeddy

With the addition of our machine "Big Bertha", purchased out of Australia in 2016, which has an internal oven span of 4m, we have been really looking at ramping up our offerings in terms of contract moulding. Previously, Gyro has been well known for some complex contract mouldings, however, we refocused for sometime on our proprietory lines due to space within our factory and capacity on our machines. 

In the foreground: Gyro's large oven "Big Bertha"

In late May, GYRO was contacted by recently rebranded company Zeddy (previously Calfsmart) who had an urgent requirement for their large automated calf feeder.

They needed moulded units fast and the size and complexity of the moulding meant that not just anyone could get it done.  "Big Bertha" had all the right features to help Zeddy out of their tight spot and get the units they needed to attend the National Fieldays 2018 in Waikato. 

Gyro values its relationships with other friendly roto-moulders, made through our membership with the Australasian Roto Moulders Association, and the collaboration with Gary King from Mouldings Unlimited just around the corner from Gyro made the Zeddy job run all the more smooth.

The moulding made for some incredibly busy weeks getting Big Bertha set up to manage these big tools, but we pleased Zeddy with the quality of the moulding and our ability to produce the number of units a day they needed. We won't lie, the weeks of moulding ran somewhat like a "Lemony Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events" book, but it was a testament to how far above and beyond we will go to deliver. 

It is great fun for Gyro to be involved in such innovation, and to have a hand in producing these fantastic "smart-farming" products.



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