Proudly committed to protecting NZ's waterways from plastic contamination!

GYRO is now a certified partner of Operation Clean Sweep!

As a plastics manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility to minimise to the greatest extent our impact on the environment. That's why we recently took on the Operation Clean Sweep Pledge!

This demonstrates GYRO Plastics' commitment to a clean environment by pledging to prevent resin Pellet, Flake and Powder Loss. As a result, we recently underwent an audit by Plastics NZ to confirm that we were undertaking best practice in waste prevention, containment and clean up to keep our refuse, plastic trimmings, and powder from entering NZ's waterways. We already had gone a long way towards ensuring that our process reduced waste and scrap as much as possible, and these processes also had the added benefit of keeping our production team safer by eliminating the use of dangerous hand tools. With the introduction of filters on the storm water drains around our facility and regular inspection and maintenance, Gyro can be comfortable that our processes match our desire to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. 

A clean and organised environment is not only important for our contribution to keeping a clean environment, but it also makes for a safer, more effective and healthier workplace so we all benefit. 




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