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We have the engineering expertise and experience to constantly improve products and efficiency. Importantly Gyro has a thorough emphasis on product quality, service to customers and on time delivery. Your product will be assigned to one of our experienced moulding staff who will ensure consistent quality. 

Production Capabilities

Rotational Moulding is a process for manufacturing hollow plastic products and has a relatively inexpensive path to market compared with other plastic manufacturing processes. 

At Gyro Plastics Ltd we run modern efficient machinery with an experienced innovative and motivated team of people, supported by a supply network of dedicated and experienced suppliers with exceptionally well proven track records. Our multiheaded machinery can mould items from 20cm to 4m in length and weights from small to very large. 


Polyethylene is most commonly used in rotomoulding, however, PP, PVC, and PLA are all examples of other materials that can be rotomoulded.

PE’s for rotational moulding come in various densities including Low Density (LDPE) Linear Low (LLDPE) Medium (MDPE) and High (HDPE). The density of the material will have an effect on strength stiffness chemical resistance and impact vulnerability.

We can help you if you are unsure of the benefits of particular materials and grades. 

Mould/Tooling Manufacture

We can have moulds manufactured for you, or you can supply your own. There are often some minor changes that are required to be made to tool framing if you are bringing you moulds to us. We can advise you on the best way to optimise production and framing if this is the case. 

Value-added Services

We are experienced in providing a full solution to our customers. This includes receiving other components from your range to assemble and complete a finished product ready to be dispatched. We can manage dispatching product direct to your end customer or hold stock in bulk for efficient freighting to you. Our extensive and long-term relationships with suppliers means we get great pricing on hardware and engineered parts, ready to be fitted to your unique product. 

Previous Custom Products

Custom products we have manufactured using customer molds include:

  • Display stands for Fudge Hair Care Australia.
  • "Coke bottle" tables for Coca-Cola, for the Sydney Olympic Games.
  • Refrigerated POS display cabinets. 
  • Specialised insulated tanks for use in medical imaging equipment for Australia. 
  • A deep water research float for the NIWA research vessel Tangaroa.
  • Letterboxes for a Wellington company
  • Signage for Caltex Chevron





GYRO is foaming!

With the use of a  high performance polyurethane foamer from the US we are CFC-free foaming the internal voids of some rotational moulded products allowing the creation of larger, more rigid spans; and for excellent insulation. Gyro is using Ecomate, an environmentally friendly non-CFC foam.

The foaming unit is currently being used to provide insulation for a range of large water cooling tanks which are manufactured for Australia's largest water chilling company. The tanks are double walled and filled with foam and are either exported by container or air-freighted,

Do you have a product for which foaming may be suitable? If so, contact us to discuss your foaming needs!