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GYRO specialises in the design and development of new products for the infrastructure industry where we have been leaders for over 50 years. With a full concept to manufacture service, we have the largest footprint in the Low Voltage Underground Distribution network supplying Pillars, Access Pits and Cabinets to Energy Distribution businesses New Zealand wide.


Our focused approach is on connecting communities Nationwide with life-sustaining infrastructure through the development of our product ranges and alongside channel partners to deliver innovative product solutions.


With a breadth of manufacturing experience, we have developed product for a range of industries including medical, deep water research, ocean navigation, conservation, petroleum, sports, animal feeding and waste-water.


Check Out Our New Products

Builders Temporary Power Supply Box

The Builders Temporary Power Supply Box is a durable, weather proof power source for your building site. It can be fitted out with electrical equipment required for your site.

CAB60 with base

CAB60 - 6 Way Cabinet

The CAB60 Is designed to house LV electrical equipment such as meters, fuses and disconnects and provides protection from weather and environmental conditions. These can be customised to your network requirements.


Nylon Rivets

The Nylon Rivets are great for attaching asset tags and labels to plastic pillars and cabinets. They help to make things safer.

Nylon Tek Screw (Jar)

Nylon Tek Screw

The Nylon Tek Screws are specially designed in-house for critical repairs to plastic pillars and cabinets. Easy to carry round and helps provide safer outcomes.

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