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A Selection Of Our Plastic Moulded Products

Gear Bins

Gear Bins

Gyro bins have many uses, due to their strength and durability, for example the fishing industry have found them extremely useful to withstand the rigors of this industry. Bins can be supplied in any standard colour


The CAB60 can be customised to house items that require protection from weather or environmental conditions and extremities.

High Voltage Bucket Liner for Aichi Trucks

High Voltage Bucket Liners

These liners have been manufactured to fit inside the fibreglass buckets of trucks designed for live-line work.

Plastic Rivets

Plastic Rivets for attaching Asset Tags and labels to plastic pillars and cabinets.


A Bit About Us

We are proudly New Zealand and family-owned. We continue to provide our customers with design and manufacturing excellence that our company was built on.

Experienced with many happy customers. Gyro Plastics Ltd,  started in 1968, has worked with Sydney Olympic Games, and manufactured mailboxes for National Mail and specialised buoys for NIWA.


What We Offer

Fabrication of plastic involves the design and production of plastic products using various methods. Gyro Plastics specialises in products made using rotational moulding, creating products that are both flexible, strong and less likely to crack in extreme temperatures. We offer a wide range of products and services including electrical products, custom moulding, and bespoke design and manufacture.

We have a fast turn around time and can accommodate both short and long runs.

Gyro has a thorough emphasis on product quality, service to customers and on time delivery.

See here for more information on Rotational Moulding.


Our Process

We have a flexible process which accommodates your requirements level of knowledge and how you want to work.

Advice on how best to start your project and ongoing management requirements is free of charge.

Feel free to call and discuss how we can help you design your plastics products. 



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