EV Charger Mounting Posts

GYRO-EV is New Zealand's largest manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel, electric vehicle charger mounting posts for use in public, commercial and residential installations. 

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Empowering EV Charging Everywhere.

A high quality, electrical vehicle charger post for domestic, workplace, semipublic and public EV charging installations. The post has a mounting flange for direct fitting to concrete or the GYRO-EV Make Ready Termination Pit.

Excellent when you need a charging station positioned away from an external wall. 

Designed and manufactured specifically for a huge range of chargers available in New Zealand and provided with all the required fasteners to connect your charger to the post.


  • Ø101.6 mm tube
  • Cable hole & mounting plates designed to fit perfectly with the charger
  • At 1.2m tall, it is the perfect height for everyday use
  • Supplied with all required fasteners to fit the charger to the Mounting Post
  • The post has a mounting flange for direct fitting to concrete or the GYRO-EV Make Ready Termination Pit (optional extra)


  • Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Round or Square Tube

View the University of Waikato Installation Project with GYRO-EV Mounting Posts here.


GYRO-EV Charger Mounting Post Stainless Steel or Powder Coated
Our Range

Supporting a huge range of EV Chargers

We love adding more charger compatibility to our range, so if you have a charger that we do not feature here, please get in touch.
Amtron EV charger mounting post NZ

AMTRON Professional

Autel Maxi Charger

Autel Maxi Charger

ABB Terra AC on EV Charger Post

ABB Terra AC

Circontrol eHome mounting post NZ

Circontrol eHome

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Duosida Wallbox

Easee on EV Charger Post


EO Mini Pro 2 mounting post NZ

EO Mini Pro 2

EO Genius on EV Charger Post

EO Genius

EV Power BCP

EV Power BCP

Evnex charger mounting post


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Etrel Home, Inch & Inch Pro



Mennekes Amtron Compact & Professional Wallbox

Mennekes Amtron Compact & Professional Wallbox

Orbis Viaris on EV Charger Post

Orbis Viaris Uni & Combi

Rolec AC

Rolec Wallpod

Smappee Charger on EV Charger Post

Smappee EV Wall

Tesla Charger mounted on GYRO-EV Charger Post

Tesla AC


Schnieder EV Link

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Schnieder Home Smart



Vynco EV Charger mounting post


Wallbox Copper SB mounting post-1

Wallbox Copper SB

Wallbox Pulsar Plus on EV Charger post

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Webasto Next EV Charger mounting post nz

Webasto Next EV Charger mounting post nz

Zappi on EV Charger Post


GYRO-EV Waikato University Project 

GYRO-EV partnered with We.EV to supply our Make-Ready Termination Pits and Universal Charging Posts, enabling the installation of 63 Teltonika EV charging units at the University
of Waikato. Watch the Video.

GYRO-EV Projects

Our Universal Charger Mounting Posts are perfect for...

Supporting a wide range of EV chargers, our mounting posts are perfect for various installations, including homes, businesses, retail centres, hotels, holiday parks, public areas, and playgrounds. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you're outfitting an existing car park or embarking on a new development, our mounting posts provide the perfect solution for your EV charger installation needs. Whether you need to mount a single charger or multiple units, we have the right option to fit your project.

"We.EV selected GYRO-EV mounting posts for the EV charging installation project because of the pedestal fixing foundation and the ease of installation. The stainless-steel construction of the mounting posts stood out as a great option for the project."

Andrew Lockie
Technical Lead, We.EV


The post has a mounting flange for direct fitting to concrete or the Make Ready Termination Pit. Designed for outdoor installations, built to withstand the elements.


Your solution to a wide range of charging needs, whether at home, workplace or public locations - ensuring convenience wherever you are.

Easy install

All the necessary fasteners are included, guaranteeing a hassle-free connection between your charger and the post.

Available From Your Local Wholesaler



Great, we are constantly expanding our range of EV Charger Posts to suit as many models of Electric Vehicle Chargers available in the Australasian markets. 

Please get in touch with the Model you are looking to mount and we will get to work straight away with a solution for you. 

No problem, our charger posts are a great opportunity to continue your company branding outside your business. 

Please get in touch with the details of your companies branding so we can discuss a custom powder coated charger post. 

The location of your installation will be paramount to deterring accidental damage from vehicles. 

In some instances when you are retrofitting to an existing carpark it can be difficult to situate your charger completely out of the way, however, the strong charger post will protect internal wiring and ensure that your EV Charger is high enough to protect it from damage in most instances. 

We recommend using visual aids such as our Wheel Stops and Impact Barriers as a first and second line of defence. 

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