GYRO Plastics Ltd




New Zealand's leading EVSE range for the mounting

and installation of EV Chargers.





Designed and manufactured by us in New Zealand, our growing range of products for EV Charger Mounting and Installation includes Wheelstops, EV Charger Mounting Posts, Kiosks, Pedestals, Distribution Cabinets, Distribution Pits and more in development. 

GYRO-EV products are a great choice for Home installation, Multi-Housing Units, Workplace Fleet Parking, Workplace Visitor Parking, School Car Parking, Public Charger installations, Amusement Destinations and more. 



EV Charger Post Termination Pit

A low cost, "invisible" solution for terminating wiring and installing GYRO-EV Charger Posts.

Wheel Stops

Electric Car Park Wheel stop for EV Charging stations