Bins and Bucket Liners

Measurements and Part numbers

36 L Gear Bin
Length Width Depth Volume of stacked bin
585mm 375mm 195mm 27 Litres


301000 36L Gear Bin - Multi Colour


60 L Gear Bin
Length Width Depth Volume of stacked bin
710mm 425mm 275mm 55 Litres


301001 60L Gear Bin – Black
301002 60L Gear Bin – Multi Colour
301003 60L Gear Bin - Natural


High Voltage Bucket Liners
Liner Description Width & Depth (AxB) Height (C)
For best fit, A&B need to be 10-50mm smaller than your bucket measurement, and C must be 10mm or more larger than your bucket measurement.
207000 LIVE LINER SH136 (made to order) 1176 x 694mm 1007mm
207001 LIVE LINER SH138 (available ex-stock) 1085 x 709mm 1010mm
207006 LIVE LINER 138XL (made to order) 1085 x 715mm 1105mm
207003 LIVE LINER SH140 (made to order) 971 x 699mm 996mm
207004 LIVE LINER  SH145 (made to order) 1024 x 718mm 930mm

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