CAB10 - 3 Way Cabinet

CAB10 - 3 Way Cabinet

This double skinned cabinet provides an attractive and robust housing for LV electrical equipment.  Its sleek design, strength, graffiti resistance, and plastic construction make it particularly suitable for high traffic environments and the double skinned outer, two 5mm walls of high grade polyethene, make for a tough secure unit. The bottom sill is easily detachable to assist access for jointing even when the cabinet is installed. Door is 'slam shut' and locks on closing and the inner and outer ventilation holes are not aligned, deterring access to live area. If damaged, the door can be replaced separately avoiding costly and time-consuming reinstalls. The CAB10 can be ground buried using the optional base or mounted directly to a concrete pad. 



2x 400A 3ph DIN and 2x 160A 3ph DIN

or 3x 250A 3ph DIN and 1x 160A 3ph DIN

or 4x 160A 3ph DIN (Verticals)



  • Is pre-installed with a PVC mounting panel affording various mounting options
  • Is pre-installed with a large 8 way plate neutral bar



  • Optional Base- There is an optional plastic base for ground burial or it can be bolted directly onto a concrete pad
  • Optional Gear Tray - PVC plate for sitting unmounted equipment on
  • The deadlock can be customized with a rim cylinder of your choice
  • Your choice of Bus Bar mountings, we commonly fit Jean Mueller bus bar racks for mounting vertical disconnects, however can fit other brands to suit your requirements. 


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  Height Overall Height above Ground Level Foot Print Fuse Mounting Area
WITHOUT BASE 1180 mm 1180 mm 375 x 560 mm Internal Depth  267mm
Internal Width  432mm
Internal Height 842mm
WITH BASE 1680 mm As Above As Above As Above


204000    CAB10 ASSEMBLY WITH BACK PANEL & NEUTRAL BAR - NO BASE Cabinet without base, to be bolted directly to concrete. Comes with gear mounting panel and large 8 way neutral
204001 CAB10 ASSEMBLY WITH BACK PANEL, NEUTRAL BAR & PLASTIC BASE Cabinet with plastic base, to be buried in earth.. Comes with gear mounting panel and large 8 way neutral
  160A VERTICAL DISCONNECT 3PH Jean Mueller 160a vert din, single pull + covers fitted to pillar
  250A VERTICAL DISCONNECT 3PH Jean Mueller 250a vert din, single pull + covers fitted to pillar
  400A  VERTICAL DISCONNECT 3PH Jean Mueller 400a vert din, single pull + covers fitted to pillar



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