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E2000 showing fuse carrier mountingE2000ASSM-LOCKINGE2000ASSM-POWERCOE2000ASSM-CLR


Maximum Fuse Capacity:

6x 63A or
2x 160A3ph DIN 3 phase

The most popular pillar in the range for domestic installations, taking a maximum of six fuses or two 160A 3ph disconnects, the E2000 is sold all throughout New Zealand.

It’s low, sleek profile makes it especially suitable for high-end development installations. Can be fitted with fuse carriers, disconnects and a neutral bar to suit your requirements.


•       Comes fitted with a 6-way neutral and rubber apron for maximum technical safety;

•       Ground level markers ensure consistent depth burial;

•       Strengthened lip provides the utmost tamper protection;

•       Can be fitted with locking;

•       Captive lid screws;

•       Unique fluted base provides maximum stability.

•    Because of the unique modular design, all elliptical compression and lug connection work can be done above ground after the base is installed

•    The main connections are housed safely within the rear cavity of the terminal unit

•   Complete access can be gained at any time by simply sliding the terminal unit forward

•   Modular design allows flexibility for future upgrade without the need to remove the ground buried base unit.

Height Overall Height above Ground Level Foot print Fuse Mounting Area
815 mm 395 mm 375 x 400 mm 215 mm Horizontal
395 mm Vertical
110 mm Face to Lid


201041 E2000ASSM-BLK Assembly—Black Lid
201042 E2000ASSM-CLR Assembly—Khaki Lid
201045 E2000ASSM-LOCKING Assembly—Lockable
201040 E2000ASSM-AURORA Assembly—Aurora Spec
201044 E2000ASSM-ELECTRA Assembly—Electra Spec
201046 E2000ASSM-POWERCO Assembly—Powerco Spec
201047 E2000ASSM-POWERNET Assembly—Powernet Spec
201048 E2000ASSM-THELINESCO Assembly—The Lines Co
201049 E2000ASSM-WELNET Assembly—WelNetworks
201055 E2000L-BLK Black lid
201056 E2000L-CLR Khaki lid
201054 E2200L-AURORA Lid only—Aurora
201061 E2000L-POWERNET Lid only—Powernet
201058 E2000LIDASSM-ELECTRA Lid only—Electra
201059 E2000LIDASSM-POWERCO Lid only—Powerco
201053 E2000TUASSM Terminal unit assembly
103010   Plastic Fuse Bracket only
201050 E2000/2300BASE-BLK Base only—Black