E2300 - 12 Fuse


The higher profile option of the E2000, allowing for a maximum of 12 fuses or a combination of disconnects; perfect for multiple domestic reticulation connections or for commercial supply.



12x 63A carriers
or 6x 63A with 2x 160A 3ph DIN
or 1x 250A 3ph DIN



  • Comes fitted with a 6-way neutral and rubber apron for maximum technical safety;
  • Ground level markers ensure consistent depth burial;
  • Captive lid screws;
  • LID SCREWS: 2 x M8x25mm Button Head, Stainless Steel Screws, 5mm Drive (unless a different type is required per Network Specifications). 



  • Can be fitted with our rotational locking system;
  • Can be fitted with fuse carriers, disconnects and a neutral bar to suit your requirements.


                      Download E2300 Spec Sheet



Height Overall Height above Ground Level Foot Print Fuse Mounting Area
980 mm 605 mm 375 x 400 mm

215 mm Horizontal

395 mm Vertical

110 mm Bracket to Lid


201081    E2300 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - BLACK Assembly – black lid (Made to order Lid)
201082 E2300 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - KHAKI Assembly – khaki lid
201083 E2300 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - LOCKING Assembly – Rotational locking system (Colour lid of your choice)
201080 E2300 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - KHAKI AURORA SPEC Assembly - Aurora Spec
201084 E2300 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - ELECTRA SPEC Assembly - Electra Spec
201085 E2300 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - POWERCO SPEC Assembly - Powerco Spec
201086 E2300ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - POWERNET SPEC Assembly - Powernet Spec
201087 E2300ASSEMBY & NEUTRAL BAR - LINESCO SPEC Assembly - The Lines Co
201097 E2300 TERMINAL UNIT WITH FUSE BRACKET AND U BRACKET Terminal unit assembly
201090 E2300 LID ONLY BLACK Black lid (Made to order)
201091 E2300 LID ONLY KHAKI Khaki lid
201089 E2300 LID ONLY AURORA NAMED Lid only - Aurora
201095 E2300 LID ONLY POWERNET NAMED Lid only - Powernet
201093 E2300 LID ASSEMBLY - ELECTRA SPEC Lid only - Electra spec
201098 E2300 LID ASSEMBLY - POWERCO SPEC Lid only - Powerco spec (Rotational lock)
201094 E2300 CLIPLOCK LID ASSEMBLY FOR RETROFIT - POWERCO SPEC Lid only - Powerco spec (Cliplock Pre 2018)
103010 PLASTIC FUSE BRACKET FOR E2/E23/E3 Plastic Fuse Bracket only
201051 E2000/E2300 BASE - BLACK Base only - Black
502010 63AMP FUSE FW - FITTED (NZI) NZI 63amp fuse front wire fitted to pillar
502013 63AMP FUSE FW - FITTED (IPD) IPD 63amp fuse front wire fitted to pillar
502017 160A HORIZONTAL DISCONNECT 3PH Jean Mueller 160a hoz din, single pull + covers fitted to pillar
502018 250A HORIZONTAL DISCONNECT 3PH Jean Mueller 250a hoz din, single pull + covers fitted to pillar

* please enquire for pricing on other brand fuse carriers as well as disconnects


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Available From Your Local Wholesaler 

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