EP106 - 40 Fuse


Gyro’s most popular commercial pillar and the largest pillar in our range. Suitable for almost all large scale commercial installations with a huge number of fuse/disconnect configurations.



40x 63A or multiple 63A with 160A 3ph Horizontal DIN

or 12x63A with 2x250A 3ph DIN
or 12x63A with a 400A 3ph Horizontal DIN



  • Large cable termination areas provide the technician with easy-access even in complicated installations;
  • Ground level markers ensure consistent depth burial;
  • Captive lid screws;
  • Lid Screws: 4 x M8x16mm Button Head, Stainless Steel Screws, 5mm Drive (Unless a different type is required per Network Specification);
  • Comes fitted with a 10-way neutral and rubber apron for maximum technical safety. 



  • Can be fitted with fuse carriers and disconnects to suit your requirements;
  • Can be fitted with lock.


                      Download EP106 Spec Sheet



Height Overall Height above Ground Level Foot print Fuse Mounting Area
1260 mm 770mm 365 x 545 mm 300 mm Horizontal
550 mm Vertical
159 mm Face to Lid
240 mm Face to Lid with Front panel removed


201140    EP106 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - BLACK Assembly—Black Lid
201142 EP106 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - KHAKI Assembly—Khaki Lid
201143 EP106 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - KHAKI LOCKING Assembly – Lockable, Khaki Lid
201144 EP106 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - COUNTIES POWER SPEC    Assembly—Counties Spec
201145 EP106 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - ELECTRA SPEC Assembly—Electra Spec
201146 EP106 ASSEMBLY & NEUTRAL BAR - POWERCO SPEC Assembly – Powerco Spec
201151 EP106 LID ONLY - BLACK Black Lid only
201153 EP106 LID ONLY - KHAKI Khaki Lid only 
201149 EP106 LID ASSEMBLY - ELECTRA SPEC Lid only - Electra spec
201150 E106 LID ASSEMBLY - POWERCO SPEC Lid only – Powerco spec
201147 EP106 BASE - BLACK Base only
502007 63AMP FUSE BW - FITTED (NZI) NZI 63amp fuse back wire fitted to pillar
502006 63AMP FUSE BW - FITTED (IPD) IPD 63amp fuse back wire fitted to pillar
502000 32AMP FUSE BW - FITTED (IPD) IPD 32amp fuse back wire fitted to pillar
502017 160AMP HORIZONTAL DISCONNECT 3PH Jean Mueller 160a hoz din, single pull + covers fitted to pillar
502018 250AMP HORIZONTAL DISCONNECT 3PH Jean Mueller 250a hoz din, single pull + covers fitted to pillar
502019 400AMP HORIZONTAL DISCONNECT 3PH Jean Mueller 400a hoz din, single pull + covers fitted to pillar

* please enquire for pricing on other brand fuse carriers as well as disconnects


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