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Kimberley Ashcroft

Kimberley Ashcroft

Office Administration, Sales, Inventory Management:

Kimberley, being your first point of contact to answer any questions big or small, means she is always kept on her toes! She thrives in our busy work environment, loving a challenge and always working hard to satisfy our customers.

After all duties are complete for the day she then goes home to report for mum duty.

Phone: Phone: +64 6 323 2237 ext 1

Malcolm Brown

Malcolm Brown

Design, Business Development, Operations:

Malcolm is our visionary and the go-to-guy for new ideas, opportunities and processes. We’re often amazed at what comes from the chicken scratchings that he does on napkins while on his regular trips to the local coffee cart - If he can’t work out how to do it, it can’t be done.

He’s motorsport mad, when he isn’t in the office he juggles family life with developing his racecar to break lap records on the track.

Phone: +64 6 323 2237 ext 2

Trudi Duncan

Trudi Duncan

Owner, Managing Director, Strategy:

Trudi is the driving force behind the Gyro team. She loves the business so much and is so passionate about ensuring customer needs are met that it's not unusual to receive emails from her at strange hours despite having run around after three children all day.

We don't hold it against her, it's what keeps us committed to providing you with a great customer experience. 

Phone: +64 323 2237 ext3



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